Our Services

Full Packing Services:
First, the company will send out a surveyor to assess the details of your move. Theyll list each item that needs to be packed, including furniture, cupboard contents and kitchen drawers. This is not only a way of costing out your move, but also will help the service find out whats of value and may need extra special care. Valuables, including paperwork, artwork and jewelry will be discussed during the household survey, determining how these items should be handled. Usually, items that can be taken with you on move day, as opposed to being loaded in the moving truck, will be packed separately by the company and set aside for you to take with you. All furniture is dissembled, properly wrapped and secured using padding and protective packing. Items are removed from walls and carpets are rolled and ready to move. Boxes are labeled and sorted according to room and placement.

Car Transportation Services:
If you are going to relocate and intend shipping your car to the new destination, then you will have do some home work as auto shipping of cars is quite a daunting task. If you want your car to reach your new destination safely, within reasonable time, in a cost-effective manner and without any damage then you will have to find a reliable and affordable auto transport company that has been in auto shipping business for sufficiently long.

Loading & Unloading Services
The loading and unloading of goods is a risky task so it is advisable not to do this work yourself or else you could lose your valuable goods. Loading and unloading create unwanted problems and makes you tired. To deliver your goods to a new place in their present condition hire a moving company instead of beginning yourself. But make sure the moving company you are going to hire for moving your goods has some previous experience in same field.

International Shifting Services
International moving is difficult. There are so many extra tasks you need to do to prepare to move that its often difficult to keep track. If youre moving overseas, use this checklist as a guide to help you through a complicated move.

Overseas Services
We can accommodate your international moving needs. Relocation services are available throughout USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and many more countries. If you need relocation of this type please click or you may check the moving resources file for more detailed information. If you need information on any other aspects of moving please use the links in the moving resources file for topics relating to planning, moving tips, FAQ and much more.

Special Services
We specialize in a range of relocation services, one of which is Overseas. Over the years we completed relocation services to USA, Europe, Africa and Eastern Asia. If you would like more information, please use our contact no. to further help you in your search for the right information for your upcoming moving needs. As part of this relocation type, please read the following, which further illustrates our specialized services and moving equipment.